Three Cologne Players Test Positive for Covid-19


Three people at Cologne have tested positive for coronavirus, the German club have confirmed, although they say training will continue ahead of the Bundesliga’s return.

The Bundesliga is set to become the first major football league in Europe to return to competition.

Officials suggested a resumption on 9 May but government delayed the decision and a restart may now be 16 or 23 May.

Those who tested positive are “symptom free” but will remain in quarantine for 14 days, said the club.

The procedure was discussed on Friday with the task force’s chair, Prof Tim Meyer, medical director of the Institute for Sports and Preventive Medicine at Saarland University, and Prof Barbara Gartner, specialist in microbiology and infection epidemiology.


Meyer said: “We will always be in close contact with the responsible health authorities and medical experts. We are convinced that with our concept, we can enable players to practice their profession with the best possible protection against infection.”

Cologne’s managing director, Horst Heldt, said: “The health and private sphere of players and staff have priority above all else. The previous measures, as well as the strategy of regular tests, have proven themselves so that we can now react with individual solutions.”

Cologne sit in the 10th place of Bundesliga with nine games of the season remaining.

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